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An application was submitted for the journal Vestnik Naučnogo Centra po Bezopasnosti Rabot v Ugolʹnoj Promyšlennosti and this has been accepted into DOAJ.  DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.

The goal of the DOAJ project is to broaden the survey and simplify the use of open access scientific journals. It aims to be a comprehensive online platform and include all scientific journals with open access using a content quality control system. Currently, the resource brings together more than 10,000 scientific journals (about 2 million articles) from 134 countries.

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The editorial board of the scientific and technical journal Vestnik on industrial safety issues at coal-mining enterprises expands the horizons of the digital identification of the publication. An agreement was concluded with the agency Crossref and soon each number of the "Bulletin" and all materials published in it will be assigned the identifier of the digital object - DOI. It accumulates various information and metadata about the publication or, for example, information about the author and title of the scientific article, as well as its Internet address (URL).
DOI "IS" 10.26631/issn.2072-6554
DOI for each article will be provided as the log is downloaded to the Crossref system and listed in the Release Contents
As to "IS", so to its authors and authors collectives digital identifiers of objects give additional chances to be included and indexed by authoritative international scientometric databases Skopus and Web of Sciense. The editor-in-chief of the journal, Doctor of Technical Sciences N.V. Trubitsyna, stated this to the PB portal. Along with this, she stressed that even now the Bulletin and the materials published in it are indexed by the international databases of Google Scolar, ICI World of Journals (Index Copernicus International), ReaserchBIB and SIS (Scientific Indexing Services). In the near future, the editorial board expects to expand this list, concluded the editor-in-chief of Vestnik.
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The second issue of the scientific and technical journal Vestnik, published by the scientific center for the safety of work in the coal industry, was published this year. Prior to introducing readers to the publications, the editor-in-chief, Doctor of Technical Sciences N.V. Trubitsyna recalls that in August the country will mark the Day of the miner in the 70th time. On the eve of the industry holiday, she emphasizes, "I want to answer myself to one of the most important questions: have we done everything to make mining work less dangerous?

In direct connection with this issue, one more thing: are the efforts spent on the development of new safe technologies and technical devices sufficient to achieve the main goal - to prevent a series of accidents at the coal industry enterprises? The materials of our permanent and new authors, including young scientists published in the Bulletin this time, to some extent answer these key questions for all of us. They are dedicated, the editor-in-chief stresses, to the current and retrospective state of industrial safety in coal enterprises. But trying to build and imagine a picture of the current conditions, trends and requirements for industrial safety at the coal industry, we all take into account the level of complexity of the economic situation in the country. It can not be otherwise, because profile science, engineering thought and managerial decisions of owners and top managers are not isolated from real life, emphasizes N.V. Trubitsyn. Not for nothing (further on we quote it) "the worst statistical indicators fall on the years of economic recession and are the result of insufficient financing of labor protection and industrial safety measures, as well as weakening control over their observance." But is it possible to reduce the impact of this negative ligament? This is not a rhetorical question. This is a matter of the category of life and death. And readers of the "Bulletin" know this better than anyone.

All together, "we are trying to find an answer to this question in publications on the pages of the Journal." Its platform is a real reflection of the trends observed in the intellectual space of our industry, an effective tool for overcoming disunity in the scientific community, a "runway" for young scientists and researchers who sincerely want to convey their vision of pressing issues to all. And "Messenger" always goes to meet the novice authors, contributes to their inclusion in the solution of significant scientific problems, concludes "The Word of the Editor" N.V. Trubitsyna congratulates colleagues and readers on behalf of the editorial board on the Day of Miner-2017.

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This is the name of the traditional appeal of the editor-in-chief, doctor of technical sciences N.V. Trubitsyna to readers of the Journal "Industrial Safety" in the first in 2017 number. It is out of print and sent to subscribers.

The "Editor's Word" expresses the hope that with the support of the state, the problems of industrial safety will be solved by scientists and production teams more effectively, will remain the focus of attention of all interested parties in the future. This is confirmed by the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference, scheduled for May, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Federal Law No. 116-FZ "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities". This, emphasizes N.V. Trubitsyn, one of the key events of the year. Already now it stimulates in the regions the actualization of issues of industrial security. And Kuzbass is not an exception, the editor-in-chief of the industry publication thinks. She reminds readers that here, on the initiative of the regional administration, there has recently been a broad discussion on the development of the coal industry and, accordingly, the solution of problems related to the safety of miner's work. The holding of this forum was topical, because despite significant achievements in reducing injuries, for every 19 million tons of coal mined, there is one miner's life. Therefore, both regional and federal authorities encourage research and production teams to search for and develop innovative solutions and so-called smart systems for ensuring industrial safety at coal mining enterprises in the country. On the one hand, this causes optimism in connection with a reduction in the risk of accidents, but on the other hand, in the opinion of N.V. Trubitsyna, "there is a strong opposition from some coal companies in connection with the growth of financial costs for security, which are perceived as an additional" burden "on business."

The solution of industrial safety problems should be a priority for all teams of scientists, design engineers and profile research structures of the Kuznetsk basin, the editor-in-chief of Industrial Safety says in his appeal. People who share this belief represent today the author's backbone of the Journal. The industry edition accumulates their intellectual potential. And it shows every new issue of the Industrial Safety.

That's the one that you hold in your hands, reflects the editorial policy, which is subject to the common professional interest and civil duty for all of us - to contribute to the reduction of accidents and catastrophes in the mines of the country. Our task is to promote the conclusion of the miner's profession from the category of the most dangerous professions in the world. This is the potential of our publication, emphasizes N.V. Trubitsyna.

Someone, she stresses, probably already knows, but it's not a sin to repeat: our Journal is now presented in the electronic scientific library "CyberLeninka". Publications have been publicly available since 2006. "This is an important step for our publication and a significant result of the establishment of partnership with the electronic library, which is a part of the world's top 10 electronic depositories of scientific publications."

The editorial office reminds users that in the "CyberLeninka" Journal "Industrial Safety" received a "permanent residence permit" under the link: http://cyberleninka.ru/journal/n/vestnik-nauchnogo-tsentra-po-bezopasnosti-rabot-v-ugolnoy-promyshlennosti

We remind you that all relevant information about the Journal is still published on the portal of the group of companies "VostEKO" and "Gornyi-TSOT" http://indsafe.ru

In a word, you can access any of these sources and let's hope that this "multi-channel" system will be convenient for readers of the Journal and our partners.

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Journal "Industrial Safety" is now presented in an electronic research library "KiberLeninka". Here in the open access journal publications are available starting from 2006.

As noted by the chief editor of the "IS", Doctor of Technical Sciences N.V. Trubitsyna, "It is an important step for our publications and sign the result of establishing partnerships with the electronic library that is included in the top 10 of the world's electronic repositories of scientific publications."

At the same time, she stressed that the main objectives of "KiberLeninki" is to promote science and research activities, as well as public control of the quality of scientific publications, the development of interdisciplinary research and increase the citation of Russian science. "Tasks partner fully comply with the policy wording "Industrial Safety" and the interests of its authors," - concluded N.V. Trubitsyna.

It is known that the activity of "KiberLeninki" is based on the paradigm of open science (Open Science). This unique WEB-resource - the third in the world electronic library materials on the degree of visibility in Google Scholar (according to Webometrics: The Ranking Web of Repositories). Finally, another important indicator: monthly "KiberLeninku" visited by about three million unique visitors.

In "KiberLeninke" Journal "IS" has "permanent residence" link: http://cyberleninka.ru/journal/n/vestnik-nauchnogo-tsentra-po-bezopasnosti-rabot-v-ugolnoy-promyshlennosti

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