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The editorial board of the scientific and technical journal Vestnik on industrial safety issues at coal-mining enterprises expands the horizons of the digital identification of the publication. An agreement was concluded with the agency Crossref and soon each number of the "Bulletin" and all materials published in it will be assigned the identifier of the digital object - DOI. It accumulates various information and metadata about the publication or, for example, information about the author and title of the scientific article, as well as its Internet address (URL).
DOI "IS" 10.26631/issn.2072-6554
DOI for each article will be provided as the log is downloaded to the Crossref system and listed in the Release Contents
As to "IS", so to its authors and authors collectives digital identifiers of objects give additional chances to be included and indexed by authoritative international scientometric databases Skopus and Web of Sciense. The editor-in-chief of the journal, Doctor of Technical Sciences N.V. Trubitsyna, stated this to the PB portal. Along with this, she stressed that even now the Bulletin and the materials published in it are indexed by the international databases of Google Scolar, ICI World of Journals (Index Copernicus International), ReaserchBIB and SIS (Scientific Indexing Services). In the near future, the editorial board expects to expand this list, concluded the editor-in-chief of Vestnik.
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