Manuscript review process
Industrial safety journal

1. All articles submitted to the journal are subject to review. The editors will accept articles corresponding to the Journal theme from the authors: health and safety, industrial and fire safety in the coal industry and other topics relevant to the Journal.

2. Reviewers are chosen by the Deputy Editor in consultation with the Chief Editor depending on the subject of the author’s article. The form “Directive for Review” is filled according to Appendix №1 to the present Statute, of which it is an integral part. Submitted articles are reviewed by an independent expert in the matching discipline with anonymity provided to the author

3. The deadline for writing a review is established by agreement with the reviewer, but should not exceed three weeks.

4. A review should disclose the relevance of the presented material and the degree of scientific novelty of the study as well as determine compliance of the text proposed for publication to the general profile of the edition and scientific writing style (a style of presentation, literacy, language culture and so forth). The review form is set out in Annex №2 to this Statute, of which it is an integral part.

5. The reviewer shall issue an opinion on the possibility of publication of the article, consisting of: “recommended,” “recommended, taking into account corrections noted in the reviewer’s comments”, “not recommended”. If the reviewer recommends the article for publication in revised form based on comments or does not recommend the article for publication, the review must contain reasons for such a decision.

6. If the review is positive, the article is submitted for a meeting of the Editorial Board to approve publication.

7. If the reviewer has commented on the work, requiring the author to participate in correction, the review will be sent to the author(s) for correction (by e-mail or surface mail). In this case, recommendations are provided in the review or cover letter for revision / removal of comments.

8. The deadline for corrections by the author, in accordance with comments from reviewers, is established as not exceeding three weeks.

9. The revised article is sent for subsequent review. In this case, the reviewer gives an opinion on the possibility of its publication. With a positive conclusion, the article is submitted for a meeting of the Editorial Board to approve publication.

10. The contents of each issue of the Journal is approved at a meeting of the Editorial Board, which, taking into account the views of the reviewers, decide on the acceptance for publication of each article, as recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

11. The decision to admit an article for publication is taken at a meeting of the Editorial Board. The meeting of the Editorial Board shall be valid if it is attended by more than half of the members of the Editorial Board, including the Chief Editor. Decisions are taken by simple majority vote of the members present. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the Chief Editor shall be decisive. On the basis of this decision, the author(s) will be informed with a letter (by e-mail, mail). In the case of non-publication, the editors’ reasoned refusal is sent to the author, certified by the signature of the Chief Editor or his deputy.

12. Following acceptance by the editorial board, the Secretary of the meeting of the Editorial Board or Deputy Editor informs the author noting the date of publication.

13. The review originals are stored in the editorial archive of the research journal Industrial Safety

14. The review is available upon written request of the author or WAC expert council. The review is provided without a signature or the name, first name, patronymic, position and place of work of the reviewer.

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