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Requirements, conditions and procedures for submission of manuscripts to the "Industrial Safety" journal

I. Procedure for submission of materials to the editorial board

1. The Journal welcomes articles corresponding to its subjects - health and safety, safety in emergency situations, fire and industrial safety in the coal industry, devices and methods for monitoring of environment, substances, materials and products.

2. Submitted articles must be original and not under consideration by other publications.

3. On the basis of the provisions of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Section VII of “The rights to results of intellectual activity and means of individualisation”), articles accepted for publication in the journal articles after receiving a positive review shall be accompanied by a license agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive copyright “VostECO” Ltd. (publisher). 

Agreement on the forms filled in by samples of license agreements are made with a single author or group of authors (where articles are written by co-authors). The license agreement is binding contract.

It is necessary to complete and sign an agreement by sending a scanned version by e-mail to: yarosh_mv@mail.ru,  the first two copies of the contract drawn up to send to the editorial board by mail: Russia, 650002, Kemerovo, Sosnovij Bulvar, dom 1, “VostECO” Ltd. 

The agreement, signed by the author / authors and directed by e-mail, is recognised as equivalent to paper documents signed by a handwritten signature in creating rights and obligations of the parties. 

Please download forms and contract on our website at www.ind-saf.ru or the industrial safety portal website indsafe.ru in the Vestnik section.


II. Presentation of manuscript

1. Submitted articles should have no more than 5 authors.

2. Manuscripts should be presented in printed form on one side of A4 white paper standard sheet, at line spacing 1.5, and in electronic form in .doc format (sent by e-mail to yarosh_mv@mail.ru or via physical media).

3. All pages of the manuscript, including tables, references, and figures should be numbered. The recommended size of an article is 5-7 pages. The article should be signed by all authors.

4. There are no charges made to graduate students for the publication of manuscripts. The Journal does not make article processing charges.

III. Preparation of electronic version of materials

1. Text typed in Arial, font size 10 for the title - 14, half interval, indent 1.25 cm, A4 paper format. Field 3 cm left side, top and bottom 2 cm, 1.5 cm to the right.

2. The electronic version must be identical to the printed text. In case of any divergence, the printed version will be used as a basis.

IV. Structure of the article

1. UDC index.

2. Photographs of all authors (formats: .tiff, .jpeg or .png, not scanned, not retouched, not cropped, resolution – 300 dpi).

3. Full name of the author (s).

4. Degree, academic rank, position, place of work.

5. Article title.

6. Abstract. A concise and informative abstract of between 200 to 250 words should be provided, which reflects the main content of the article and the results of studies. The abstract should follow the logical description of the results in the article, including a brief description of the article structure, including introduction, aims and objectives, methods, results and conclusion.

7. Keywords.

8. Main text of the article including tables, illustrations and formulas.

9. References (issued in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5 - 2008 “Bibliographic references: General requirements and rules.”).

On a separate sheet or at the end of the article should be placed a”List of authors”, which must contain:

- Published information about authors (surname, first name, academic degree, academic rank, position and place of work, with the name of the organisation indicated in accordance with the constituent documents;

- Office or home address with postcode;

- Office or home phone (fax);

- E-mail.



Please note that after successfully passing the reviewing stage and approving the article for publication in the Industrial Safety journal, the author(s) must provide the license agreement with the non-exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute and bring the work to the public in any way deemed appropriate.

Editorial board


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License agreement for the author



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License agreement for groups of authors


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